How to Link your iPhone Internet Connection with PC

If you want to use your iPhone’s Internet through USB and Bluetooth, then you can easily connect and make a personal internet hotspot. Here are some steps that are given below.

Make a Wireless Hotspot

•    Open the Settings application.

•    Click on the Cellular option.

•    Switch the Cellular Data option.

•    Click on Set Up Personal Hotspot. It’s only visible if you have never used before.

•    Now you can select the Wi-Fi option.

•    Enter the password you wish to use for your hotspot.

•    Click on the Personal Hotspot toggle to turn it on.

•    Tap on the Network option in Windows. You can see this option in System tray in the bottom right hand side of the screen.

•    Choose wireless hotspot on your iPhone. The network’s name will be your iPhone’s name.

•    Type the password for the network.

Uses of USB Tethering

•    You must have installed iTunes on your PC. Otherwise, you can’t tether your iPhone to a Windows computer.

•    Open Settings app on your iPhone, it is a gear-shaped icon.

•    Click on the Cellular option.

•    Now you can tap the switch to turn on Cellular Data.

•    Click on the Set Up Personal Hotspot option.

•    Tap to turn on Personal Hotspot.

•    Connect your iPhone into your PC’s USB port.

•    Tap on your iPhone and choose it as your PC’s network.

Using the Internet via Bluetooth

•    Launch the Settings application.

•    Select Cellular option.

•    Now you can tap to turn on the Cellular Data option because it allows using Bluetooth internet sharing.

•    You can click on Set Up Personal Hotspot. When you set your first hotspot, it will appear on the main Settings menu.

•    Switch to turn on Personal Hotspot.

•    Select < icon in the upper left hand to go back to Settings.

•    Now click on Bluetooth option and tap to turn on.

•    In your System tray, tap on Bluetooth option.

•    Select ” Join a Personal Area Network” option.

•    Now tap on “Add a device” option.

•    Select on your iPhone.

•    Click on Pair on your device.

•    Back to the devices and Printers window.

•    Tap right on your iPhone.

•    Select “Connect using” and then click “Access point. Now you can easily use your iPhone’s Internet via Bluetooth.

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