5 Best Apps For Beach Goers in 2019

So, if you are one of the beach, waves, surfing, and ocean lovers, then you are in the right place. From watching sunsets to exploring new beautiful beaches, here I recommend you the best beach apps for your next beach excursion.

1. AccuWeather

AccuWeather gives you the weather forecast and alerts of your location. The app provides alerts if there will be rain, wind, etc. One gets live weather forecasts and extreme heat alerts with the AccuWeather app. The app gives accurate Weather forecast and is a trusted application by its more than 2 million users. AccuWeather app’s radar technology enables its users to get weather forecast of prior 15 days in the future. The app works in every part of the world.

2. iTanSmart

For the beach lovers out there, iTansmart is their best companion when it comes to tanning. The app uses its technology of UV satellite data, observes skin type, and recommends sunscreen SPF lotions according to the types. The app is designed for outdoor activities like beach surfing and mountain hiking on a warm sunny day. It is even better to use to protect ourselves from sun-tanning and other harmful UV rays which are incredibly dangerous for skin.

3. Surfline

Surfline app is designed for marine weather forecasting and for surfers of all skill levels. Users get the best real-time surf reports and get the world’s largest network of live surf cams and weather forecasts of all their preferred locations. The app is one of the best apps for surfers at any level, and it helps new surfers to get better in the activity by providing them the essential information they need. Surfline contains more than 500 live streaming HD surf cams, daily surf reports, long-range swell forecasts, and personalized surf experiences.

4. WeeSurf

WeeSurf app is majorly designed for waves and wind forecast and social reports. Beachgoers find this app very easy to use and helpful too. It forecasts weather for waves, tide, and wind with valued user experience. WeeSurf app is created for outdoor sports enthusiasts who perform their preferred sports in the sea or on land. The app features live reports of crowded spots, and the user can set timings of notifications when the weather is suitable for activities, etc. The app works worldwide so a user can add a spot anywhere in the world and get the forecasts of the spot instantly.

5. PackPoint Travel

PackPoint app is quite useful for travelers or beachgoers. The app automatically lists out the items you need to pack after filling the duration and name of your destination. It is a perfect trip organizer for your next adventure. The app shows the items you need to pack in your luggage and suitcase based on the length of travel. By using PackPoint Travel, users can avoid heavy luggage and excess baggage fees on the flights. The app needs details of your travel like the number of days and nights, activities included and the number of your destinations to make the perfect baggage for your travel.

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