March 13, 2019 – Download, Install and Activate McAfee Online

McAfee antivirus gives the best security. It is one of the most trusted antivirus protection, and it guarantees to remove the 100% viruses. Even McAfee gives a 30-day money back guarantee to the users. McAfee antivirus is the single defense program that fights with the viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs, hackers and more to keep your device and data safe and secure. It doesn’t matter which device or version you have, McAfee protects all types of devices either it is on phone, tablets or computer with iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS. McAfee provides a different version of antivirus for various devices. For details and downloading McAfee, visit

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Things to do before installing McAfee:

Here are some prerequisites:

1.    Update the Operating System of the device on which you’re installing the McAfee program.

2.    Uninstall the old McAfee antivirus, if already installed in your device.

3.    Keep date and time update, also update the drivers and other programs (Browser) of your system.

4.    Check the McAfee products detail.

5.    Check the minimum system requirement for the McAfee product.

6.    Check the available storage space in your device, if it is not sufficient then make.

7.    Your internet connection and speed should be good.

8.    At last, close all the running programs.

Steps to download McAfee antivirus on Windows and macOS

If you’re securing your laptop with McAfee antivirus, then put it into the charging mode, if required. All set, now follow the steps.

1.    Start your preferred web browser.

2.    Active the ‘Search bar.’

3.    Enter “” into it.

4.    And start searching.

5.    Click ‘Sign in.’

6.    Type your McAfee account email address.

Note: Don’t have an account for Sign in?

Click ‘Register Now’ > Enter the required details and create a new account.

7.    Enter password.

8.    Hit the ‘Sign in’ button.

9.    Click on ‘Remember Me’ to save your account sign in details.

10.    Go to ‘My Account’ section.

11.    Select the ‘McAfee’ product you want to get on your device.

12.    Click the ‘Download’ button of the product.

13.    Follow the screen prompts.

14.    On License agreement screen, click ‘I Agree.’

15.    Write down the ‘Serial number,’ when appeared on the screen.

16.    Now, go with the screen prompts to complete downloading.

Steps to install McAfee antivirus on Windows and macOS

After finishing downloading, you can continue following the screen instruction to install the McAfee software on your device. If you closed it, then here are the steps for installing McAfee antivirus.

1.    Navigate to the folder in which McAfee installer file is downloaded.

2.    Open the folder.

3.    Find the McAfee installer file.

4.    And double-click on it.

5.    Click ‘Yes.’

6.    Follow the screen prompts.

7.    Click ‘Install.’

8.    And continue with the appearing prompts.

9.    Wait to complete installing.

10.    Hit the ‘Close/Restart’ button, when appears.

If you’ve purchased the McAfee product offline (Installer CD), then you also have to install the product from the CD. Here is how.

1.    Open CD drive of your computer.

2.    Take out the CD, if any other CD already inserted.

3.    Now, insert the McAfee product installer CD.

4.    Start the installation from the autorun window.

5.    Follow the screen prompts.

6.    Choose your language and country.

7.    On License agreement window, click ‘I Agree.’

8.    Follow the screen prompts and click on ‘Install.’

9.    Wait to complete installing.

10.    Hit the ‘Close/Restart’ button, when appears.

Steps to activate McAfee antivirus on Windows and macOS

You can activate the McAfee antivirus direct from McAfee website “” and also from your McAfee application.

Here is how to activate McAfee antivirus from the McAfee application.

1.    Find installed the ‘McAfee’ program.

2.    And double click on it.

3.    When application open, go to ‘Activate’ section.

4.    Type 25-digits activation key, when asked.

5.    Sign in with your McAfee account.

6.    Follow the screen prompts and complete activation.

Your McAfee product and its services are activated.

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